Different Services You Can Get From Banquet Halls


For the past couple of years, most events especially the large events are now being held in banquet halls. For any wedding, the wedding preparation would always prioritize on selecting the right venue or banquet hall for the ceremony or just the reception. You want to know how large of a venue is appropriate for the reception. Aside from the size of the banquet hall, you want to know the different services available which you can use in the banquet hall.

New York City Banquet Hall receptions are usually held in banquet halls, the banquet halls have included a wedding specialist on their staff. You can cooperate with the wedding specialist for the details of the banquet hall during your wedding day. If you got a wedding planner, it will be easier to know the right size of the venue for your wedding as well as create the menu. When it comes to the venue, you also need to check if the dance floor, stage as well as the head table is perfect for your reception.

There are many aspects in the wedding reception like the cake, videographer, dress rentals, car service and flowers which you can ask help from the wedding specialist.

Chair covers and linens, lighting and the wedding decoration are handled by the banquet hall but you still have to provide input so they know the right ones to use. They also provide a microphone as well as the podium. The choice of colors provided by the couple will be the focus of the banquet hall for the decorations. The centerpieces and candelabra are also covered by the banquet hall. You can ask the banquet hall to provide you with catering services. If you leave the menu to the banquet hall, make sure to taste the dishes first before agreeing to put them on the menu. You have to try even the simplest dishes like finger food or cocktail drinks. You might want to mix it up like serving hors d’oeuvres to the guest at the reception line. Drinks especially the champagne to use for toasts must be provided by the banquet hall.

Party Hall New York City services would include cleaning service for the plates aside from serving the meal. Catering service will also provide the necessary tableware during the reception. There are also staff to meet the guests for coat check services and more. Parking space should also be considered outside the banquet hall.

Large banquet halls even have wedding chapel. Luxurious banquet halls also provide bridal suite for the couple after the reception. There are even banquet halls that include shuttle service for the wedding package.

There are a lot of places you can choose to hold your wedding reception. Pick the banquet hall which is suitable for your taste and the wedding services you need to have a perfect wedding.


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